Tuesday, 6 August 2013

New prices, direct debit and the future for individual membership:

August marks some exciting changes to the individual membership package. By exciting changes we don’t mean an excuse to put prices up either, quite the opposite in fact!

The AGI recognise the importance of our individual members to the vibrancy and success of the organisation. Therefore we have launched and initiative to increase our current membership. Part of this initiative is making the membership fee more manageable and easy to pay. As a result we have both reduced cost and introduced direct debit payment with the option to pay monthly.

Reduced Costs

We have reduced annual costs to £60+VAT for those who wish to pay annually or £5.50+VAT a month for those who wish to pay monthly by direct debit. For full details of individual membership and to download the direct debit form click here.

The reduced cost makes an individual AGI membership better value than ever providing benefits such as reduced rates for AGI conferences and events (including the new showcase programme) and the opportunity to participate in the CPD scheme. Importantly it also provides chance to become more involved with the AGI including joining regional and special interest groups and the opportunity to stand for council and executive position.

Greater Engagement

The reduction in cost is only part of our drive to increase the value of AGI membership. Another key part is improving the engagement of our members both with the various regional and special interest groups and with the core AGI. This is partly being done through increased promotion of the groups and their activities and an improved presence on social media. However at the end of the day it is up to members to join in, become involved in relevant groups and volunteer with the organisation.

The more members become involved in the AGI the more benefit they will see from it. As well as a chance to become engaged with the wider GI community, network and share knowledge and skills (and socialise, Geobeers pioneers let’s not forget) becoming an active member of the AGI can have another very tangible benefit.

Put simply it can offer an alternative path of career progression and professional development. If you run for council or executive positions on one of the regional or special interest groups you will have the opportunity to further develop your skills outside of your day to day job. Being a member of the GeoCom working group for example and helping to organise the conference that is at the heart of the GI calendar can add something extra to your CV and there is no doubt that expanding your professional development beyond your role is going to help you in the employment market.

Direct Debit

This is the functional but important bit: As of August 1st members and prospective members can now pay by direct debit (the form can be downloaded here and should be returned to the address on the form). Members who chose to pay by direct debit also have the option of paying monthly, helping to spread the cost of membership across the year. This option is not available through other payment methods.



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