Friday, 20 December 2013

Happy Christmas and all that from the AGI

It’s been quite a hectic six months since joining the AGI back in July with the deep end of GeoCommunity and FOSS4G followed by the remaining showcase events and business planning for 2014. I’ve enjoyed getting back into the world of geo after five years in marketing and the AGI certainly seems a good place to pick up what is going on in the industry.

This is just a quick entry (I have lots of stuff to finish before Christmas) to say happy Christmas to all our members (and any non members reading the blog). Writing blog entries after several pints of Boxing Day beer doesn’t seem like a very good idea so the blog will be back in January 2014. There will be a lot of exciting announcements in January regarding the events for next year (and the website and maybe some others...). One thing I can tell you is that the first major AGI event of the year will be held in Glasgow on the 18th March and this event may have something to do with the exciting work that Glasgow City Council are currently undertaking...

I’ll still manage to cram some (lots of) opinion in as well although my last attempt to be controversial ended with people agreeing with me, must try harder.

Anyway I hope everyone has a good Christmas and if anyone comes across any good geo/Christmas trivia or tat please let me know!

Ordnance Survey have started it with a list of festive place names, they did pinch one of these (Cold Christmas) from my suggestion for creepy Halloween place names but I guess I’ll forgive them.

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