Friday, 16 May 2014

The 7th Spatial Socio-Cultural Knowledge Workshop – Defence Academy, Shrivenham, UK. June 9th-11th.

Over the past six years, the Spatial Socio-Cultural Knowledge Workshop has had several recurring discussion threads involving data requirements, understanding operational needs, and tools for addressing those needs.  For the 2014 Workshop titled ‘Human Geography – Challenging the Status Quo Through Better Use of Information’, these threads will be drawn together under the umbrella of utility in the fields of stabilization and disaster response.  The major Workshop objectives and questions will be geared toward answering:
  • What do we need to make socio-cultural knowledge useful?
  • How do we effectively share our knowledge and methodologies?
  • Outside of the organizations represented by Workshop attendees, who would be interested in utilizing socio-cultural data?
  • What aspects of socio-cultural knowledge are applicable beyond the Defence sphere?
  • What are the barriers to sharing and utilizing information both within and outside the Defence sphere?
  • What approaches are needed to overcome the barriers?
  • How best to create a sharable record of what has been learned?
  • How to utilize socio-cultural knowledge to identify stability problems before they start?
  • Can the identification of information and models be formalized to enhance utility?

The workshop is expected to attract international delegates and speakers from across the services, government, NGOs, academia and the commercial sector. Full details of the event including the agenda, registration and logistics can be found on the Defence Academy website

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