Tuesday, 16 July 2013

System and Service Supplier’s SIG – Who they are and what they do...

It’s time to start our SIG profiles and first up is the System and Service Suppliers SIG! (Because they asked and have been very helpful getting me additional information)

Who they are:
The Suppliers SIG represents the interests of AGI members who are commercial suppliers of GI services and hardware. The group’s membership represents over 40 companies operating on the supply side of the UK GI industry. The SIG is currently headed up by Andy Wells (of Sterling Power) and Matthew White (of Ordnance Survey).

What they do:
The purpose of the SIG is to facilitate networking, sharing of ideas and information and the discussion of concerns and issues pertinent to the SIG’s membership. System and service suppliers make up around 30-40% of the AGI’s total corporate membership. The views and interests of the suppliers broadly match those of the AGI as a whole, however they have some needs and specific areas of interest that are not catered for by any other SIGs or working groups of the AGI hence the creation of their own SIG. The agenda of SIG activities are agreed by the members themselves, working with other AGI bodies and the SIG is currently working to improve communication both between members and with the AGI as a whole.

What’s new:
The SIG is always looking for ways to adapt and better serve the needs of its members and one of the immediate improvements has been to increase communication by setting up a new LinkedIN group here. This group is designed to be used as a forum for debate both on issues facing the industry and for suggestion on changes and improvements for the SIG and I recommend that all AGI members with supplier related interests join this group and get involved.

Right, so that is our first SIG covered! More will follow over the next couple of month and if you want to have any input on the posts about your SIG please email me chris.rhodes@agi.org.uk.

As always comments and suggestion are most welcome!


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