Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Welcome to the all new AGI Blog!

I thought I would kick off the new AGI blog with a brief explanation of why we are doing it and what it is going to contain...

Welcome to the all new AGI Blog!

Why –
The new blog is all part of our efforts to increase interaction and communication with and between our members. It will be used hand in hand with our revitalised twitter and LinkedIN to help ensure we are meeting the needs of the Geo Information community as best we can.

As some of you may have seen we used to run an AGI GeoCom (GeoCommunity conference) blog  but this has long lain dormant (since something like mid 2012). Also this blog only focused on the GeoCom conference and as a result became quite sparse for the rest of the year. With this in mind we have decided to replace it rather than restart it.
The new blog will consolidate news and views on the many and varied activities and interests of the AGI in one place.

What -
The content of future blog posts will cover a wide variety of themes including (but not limited to) updates on GeoComm and the showcase events and discussion of the various activities undertaken by the Special Interest and Regional Groups. Occasional ramblings and comments on the GI industry will also be liberally scattered in and we will be welcoming guest posts from our exalted members on a GI topic of their choice. If enough of you comment we may even run a ‘guest post of the year’ award to give some kudos back to our contributors.

When –
As the newest AGI team member I will be setting myself the rather ambitious target of posting twice a week on the blog, aiming for Tuesdays and Thursdays with the intention to mix guests posts in as and when we receive them. Being 2013 we will of course be linking to new blog posts on twitter and linkedIN so please follow us there to ensure you get all the latest information.
As this is a new blog and I am new to the AGI any feedback on posts or ideas for what kind of content you want from the blog are more than welcome, please either use Bloggers’ comments system or for a faster and more concise response tweet us with #AGIblog. If you would be interested in guest posting (or want to quietly point out a typo) please email me at chris.rhodes@agi.org.uk. I will do my level best to not try and be funny...



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