Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Calling Students!

Lectures have begun, term time is back in full swing and for those students in their final years the grim spectre of jobs is probably raising its head. This is somewhere that the AGI may be able to help. We have recently made our membership free to all students (including post grads). Joining the AGI opens up a community of GI professionals to you with excellent opportunities for networking with potential employers.

In addition to free membership we also run a series of showcase events around the UK and an annual conference all of which are heavily discounted for students. These events provide the opportunity to attend presentations and workshops on the latest issues affecting the industry. The showcase events are particularly suited to students as we run them regionally around the UK reducing travel time and leaving you less at the mercy of our rail network. We actually have one such event taking place in York on the 14th of November (details here) which is ideal for students in the Yorkshire area.

Alongside these big regional annual events we also have a variety of other events tied up with our Special Interest Groups and Regional Groups. These range from evening presentations to networking drinks and are a great way to get involved with the industry. SIG events give you the chance to pick events that are heavily focused on your chosen area of study.

Although the days of ‘who you know not what you know’ are over for the vast majority of us (I will refrain from any cynicism here). I can definitely say that knowing something and knowing someone definitely seems to be the best way to get a job. This is both from personal experience (not in my current role) and that of many of my colleagues and friends. In fact I met an AGI member at our last AGI GeoDrinks event, Jack Goodwin (who has kindly given me permission to quote him) who got his current job through a connection he made at a GeoDrinks networking event last year.

Going into 2014 we plan to be doing more to help our student members from more useful content on the website (the shiny new one we are getting next year) to guides and tips on job hunting and CVs and any input on what might be helpful is always welcome.

So in short; join up, it’s free, we’re going to be doing more for students and we want to hear what you would like us to be doing. Also in the meantime keep networking and I don’t me cringey champagne and suits based events it’s all a lot more natural and informal than that! Come along to the next AGI event near you and find out.

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