Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Geo Information – Beyond the Core

Unfortunately this is not a Jules Verne esque adventure to the centre of the earth (although some molten iron would be welcome in the office today). Instead this is a look at efforts we are taking to expand our membership beyond the traditional core of GI users (suppliers, central and local government etc). We want to engage with people on the ever expanding frontiers of GI like surveyors, engineers and logistics professionals. This is key to fulfilling our mission of furthering increasing understanding of the benefits of GI and ensuring that we are not just preaching to the choir.

Reaching out to and educating new sectors in the value of GI has obvious benefits both in terms of new markets for suppliers and in improved efficiency and governance within the sectors.

Anyway the first step of this plan has been to start building partnerships with conferences and events in these sectors. We are happy to announce that the first of these media partnerships has been agreed with Emap. Emap produce a range of publications and conferences in the construction and infrastructure sector.

This year the AGI are involved with two of these: Tunnelling 2013 and Slope Engineering and Geotechnical Asset Management 2013. The AGI will be represented at both of these events (probably by me) and they represent an excellent opportunity to talk GI with a very different audience.

There is also a clear immediate benefit of this for our members (beyond the higher goal of furthering our mission) and that is that all AGI members are entitled to 25% off the cost of either of these conferences should they wish to attend. For more information on how to claim this discount click here.


I hope you find this useful and we are currently looking at media partnerships with other organisations operating on the edges of GI. Also if you happen to be at one of these conferences come and say hello!

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